Global Innovation Dynamics (GLINNOD) is a Research lab aimed to gather researchers interested in the topics of both innovation and international studies from an economic perspective. Globalization phenomena have changed their dynamics over time due to financial turbulence, institutional changes and to transformations in the organization of production.

In this context it is important to understand how firms navigate the globally changing environment and especially how they manage to create and transfer knowledge across borders.

New technologies, and especially those related to Industry 4.0, have become especially relevant for the competitiveness of firms in international markets. The studies focused on the outcome of their adoption are still an open area of research, in which more investigations are needed.

Glinnod aims to promote and enlarge the debate on globalization and innovation dynamics through engagement with the local stakeholders and with the academic community, through seminars, public symposium, engagement with students and academic workshops. It aims to provide theoretical and empirical contributions to better understand these dynamics.

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