New postdoc position (2-years) at Glinnod “Multinationals and the green transition”

We are opening a 2-year postdoc position at the department of Political Science and at Glinnod, University of Pisa. The postdoc position is be part of the PRIN2022 project “Multinationals and the green transition of host countries”. The project involves also researchers at the Catholic University of Milan, Henley Business School, La Sapienza and CIRCLE – University of Lund.

Deadline: November 8th.

application link:

Claudio Fassio will be the contact person for this position. We are looking for someone with quantitative skills who is about to finish or has recently finished their doctorate. Of course, more experienced researchers are welcome too. An interest in innovation, multinationals, human capital and environmental transition is appreciated.

The project will investigate the role of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the diffusion of technological knowledge aimed at the transition towards more sustainable business practices.

From which global hotspots do MNEs source internationally the knowledge required to introduce green innovations? And does the presence of MNEs involved in the development of sustainable new technologies impact positively also local neighbouring firms? The project will use patent data and employer-employee matched datasets from Italy and Sweden to answer these research questions.

Other researchers involved in the project are Daniela Maggioni and Maria Luisa Mancuso (Cattolica University of Milan), Davide Castellani (University of Reading, UK), Michele Imbruno (University of Rome La Sapienza), Chiara Franco (Universty of Pisa).

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